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Link into Travel Nurse Wardrobe Resources, Get Scrubs Coupons, Here!

nurse scrubsScrubs have come a long way since they catered exclusively to surgeons “scrubbing in” for the OR; no longer strictly blue or green, color choices in medical scrubs abound—and today the majority of registered nurses are proud to wear them. Laura Ashley, Disney and Timberland labels are just a few designers behind fun scrubs, relegating the starched white dress and hat of yesteryear to the back of most registered nurses’ closets.

There are, however, a few hospitals in Ohio, Georgia and Utah—the later being one of 24 compact nursing states in the U.S.—that mandate the white uniform for nurses, a rule that eliminates patients’ confusion when it comes to distinguishing among hospital staff. Considering that scrubs outfit so many in healthcare—from doctors and nurses to food and housekeeping personnel—it’s important to note hospital I.D. badges.

Travel Nurse Jobs Feel Most Comfortable When They are Outfitted with the Right Resources

American Traveler wants members of our team to have access to the very best nursing career resources, so with the spirit of this in mind, we’ve provided a shortlist of some of the best places to find quality scrubs and shopping discounts. In travel nurse jobs, you’re all dressed up with EVERYWHERE to go, seeking convenience, comfort and high style when you get there.

  • Scrubs Magazine dispenses tips for registered nurses, like “the 6 do’s and don’ts for putting together great scrubs” and a slide show of smartly dressed R.N.s.
  • Life Uniforms claims to have the best deal on designer scrubs—including uniforms based off the hit series Grey’s Anatomy; if you’re not purchasing uniforms online, you can make a visit to their West Reading, PA shop, where in-store stock clothes thousands in Pennsylvania nursing jobs.
  • If Grey’s Anatomy scrubs appeal to your fashion sense, you can download coupons from PulseUniform.
  • Looking for deep discounts on work clothes? Bookmark this scrubs’ coupons site!
  • Nursescrubs.com is an online uniform retailer with deals as low as $10 for medical scrubs!

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Do you work in a clinic or doctor’s office that buys scrubs in a group sale, so everyone on staff is similarly attired or does every travel nurse sport her own style? We know our travel nurses are dressing smart, so we’re asking for a front row seat in this season’s line-up of great scrubs—write in, with what’s in your closet, and don’t be shy about contacting one of our recruiters today for optimal job placement, plus top pay and benefits in the nation’s best travel nursing jobs! You are always en vogue when you apply online or call 800-884-8788 today!

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