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Are nursing jobs and allied health jobs really on the rise? Economic think tank, The Conference Board, seems to think so.

A global provider of business insights, The Conference Board, reported in October that almost 27,000 jobs were added to online healthcare job boards. Remarkable news in light of an economic downturn that sent the U.S. economy spiraling into oblivion and unemployment soaring into the clouds.

healthcare jobs riseAnalysts at American Traveler relied on their own numbers to confirm conference board findings and guess what? Client side demand at the agency is up more than 50 percent, which means nursing jobs – and jobs for physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied health jobs – are indeed on the rise.

But qualified candidates beware! The competition is rigorous, as many healthcare jobs professionals who were laid off due to economic woes will be looking for their jobs back, and many of them are ultra-qualified and immediately hirable.

What’s a healthcare jobs seeker to do? Call a qualified agency, says American Traveler recruitment VP Mary Kay Hull, as high-level agencies are positioned well with top hospitals and outpatients centers to immediately deliver qualified healthcare jobs candidates to their doorstep. In addition, said Hull, many healthcare employers may be relying on the staffing agency model to constrain costs and alleviate administrative burdens in the face of healthcare reform.

Looking for nursing jobs, physical therapist jobs or allied health jobs of a specific nature? Call American Traveler today at 800.884.8788 or apply online.

Read more about The Conference Board and American Traveler findings by clicking Healthcare Jobs Postings Rise as Recession Subsides

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