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Healthcare professionals interested in traveling extensively, working in R.N. jobs available in all 50 U.S. States, need to have their travel nursing documentation in perfect order, i.e., driver’s license, social security card, CERTS, professional licenses and more must be sent to American Traveler consultants for processing; then the next phase can begin—accepting an employment offer for a travel nursing career! Living in a technical age makes that task super easy, so no need to fret—use these tips about phone apps to get started.

The Camscanner or Geniusscan for iPhones and Androids makes images of scanned documents so clear and sharp that your future healthcare employer will accept them—whereas hazy photos from your smartphone will be rejected by most hospitals.  Knowing what a welcome convenience the camscanner is, American Traveler reviewed the versions for Androids and iPhones, and found that they work quite well converting pictures to PDFs, sorting, sharing, etc. The best news of all is that almost all of the ones listed here are free!

These Apps Come Hospital Recommended!

Click this app advice link to learn the distinctions between the different kinds of scanner apps offered. Already have in mind what you want? Great! Links to all the apps are provided in this handy list:

Documents that Future Healthcare Employers Require of R.N.s

As a registered nurse, please be advised that you will need to provide the following in order to begin working. To get a complete overview of what your future healthcare employer wants, please click this state nursing boards link and don’t forget to scan front to back when necessary.

  • Titre results with lab values for Rubeola, Rubella, Varicella, Hep C, Hep B and Mumps
  • Documentation of annual flu shot
  • Documentation including lot # and expiration date, implantation date, read date and mm of your last two or three PPD’s
  • BCLS card issued by the American Heart Association (AHA); other nursing certifications such as ACLS are required for all nursing specialties, including Med-Surge nursing. The ACLS certification must be signed by the AHA; the same is true for the PALS certification for pediatric nurses and ACLS for telemetry R.N.s.
  • A Physician Statement completed within 12 months prior to your start date.  Bring a physician statement form with you even if you don’t have the nursing job yet, or if your doctor’s appointment is pending.
  • The results of an up-to-date Respirator Fit Test that many health facilities require annually.
  • A clear, legible, and preferably “color copy” of your driver’s license

The Ultimate Nursing Job is all yours With Proper Planning  

Now is the best time to begin readying your application materials for exciting autumn and winter jobs in your travel nurse destination of choice. American Traveler has opportunities in cities that span all 50 U.S. states. The warm and beachside opportunities start getting snapped up in October, so if you want to plan your snow escape, contact an American Traveler Consultant today. Free private housing is part of a generous benefits package, with high pay and other perks available from coast to coast. Call 1-800-884-8788 or apply online to learn more now!

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