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A Delaware Travel Nurse Impresses a Patient So Much He Reaches Out to Give a Great Review!

This is April’s Story

When American Traveler sat down with April S., R.N. to discuss her rave patient review, she revealedtravel nurse job in Detroit that she had comforted not just a young patient suffering from AIDS, but his Mom and Dad as well, and it was the parents of this 22 year-old who called American Traveler to make sure the message got back to April. This is what she recounted to us about her experience:

American Traveler: We’re so glad to have an opportunity to ask you about this great nurse/patient experience. We understand that it happened during your first travel nursing job, correct?

April: Yes. I’ve been an R.N. for a very long time, but had never worked in a travel nursing job before. I’m originally from Mississippi and being in Delaware was a big change for me. On the day I met this special patient, the hospital sent me to the ER because they were short-staffed. I’ve been in Telemetry my whole nursing career and was a little bit nervous in the frantic pace of the ER, but when I encountered this young man with AIDS, I got over my reservations completely. He had a terrible headache from hydrocephalus and I was able to comfort him, while waiting for a bed to open up in ICU.

American Traveler:  That sounds pretty intense. Thank goodness you were able to make him feel less frustrated on a day when the hospital was so crowded.  Was it easy to comfort this patient?

April: Eventually, it was. I think he and his parents—who were with him in the ER—were apprehensive at first about a telemetry R.N. with no experience in the Emergency Room being the only one on hand to really sit down with them. They were all exhausted, but once I made sure everyone was comfortable—by providing chairs and helping them recover from tiredness that included anxiety and aching feet—their frustration melted away and we were all enjoying each other’s company when the ICU finally paged to let us know they were ready.

American Traveler: That’s a lovely story that demonstrates so well how the role of registered nurses is evolving, and we are seeing them shape, guide and inform the patient’s experiences more than we ever have before. I’m sure this patient will never forget you.Katie Kiester - Travel Nurse Consultant - American Traveler

April: It was his parents who called Katie Keister, my American Traveler Consultant. I’ve gone back to Mississippi, now that this unforgettable travel nursing job has ended. Katie knows I’d really like to work in a California nursing job next, and that I have complete faith she’ll find me something every bit as ideal as what I knew in Delaware. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me!

American Traveler shares April’s enthusiasm and expectation that the next travel nursing experience will be a great one, working toward that goal with her trusted consultant.  April exemplifies how easy it is to find personal accounts from R.N.s, making an indelible mark on colleagues and patients alike.  To have touched a patient as much as she did, with superior nursing skills and warm bedside manner, is not so much the aim of an experienced healthcare staffing agency as it is the cherished result.  Call 1-800-884-8788 or apply online to have your story as a compassionate and highly skilled R.N. join the patchwork of stories that define America’s best hospitals and their quality of care!

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