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flu shot clinicEvery year corporate team members diligently remind healthcare professionals about the benefits of an annual flu vaccine.  This is why, in solidarity with our traveling nurses and allied healthcare professionals, and in support of our employees’ health, we made it extra easy for corporate employees to get a flu shot this year. We did this by sponsoring an on-site flu clinic at our corporate headquarters in Florida. It was the first event of its kind, and so well received that we plan to make it an annual affair! Our thanks go out to our corporate employees, who rolled up their sleeves so willingly.  A visiting CVS pharmacist and technician helped everything run smoothly—no surprise, there, as CVS is well known for providing flu shots at a low cost. As everyone knows, getting more people vaccinated is a goal of the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; they would like to see more healthcare workers outside the nursing sector follow the R.N.s’ example when it comes to getting vaccinated.  Click on Vaccine Information Statement to find out everything you need to know to protect your health this flu season. American Traveler Wants You [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Recent Study Released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation BOCA RATON, FL 11/13/12 – Nurse staffing agency American Traveler emphasizes the need for culturally-sensitive nurses in areas of the country prone to diversity. Twenty-year nurse study positions traveling nurses as more ethnically and racially diverse and capable of treating disparate patient populations. For hospitals and health systems in parts of the country where nurses aren’t as plentiful, travel nursing or contract staff nurses may be the answer, according to a recent study* released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Authors examined registered nurse (RN) data from years 1984 to 2008 to find that RNs contracted through nurse staffing agencies have education levels similar to permanent nurse staff and are more ethnically and racially diverse. Read the complete Press Release More Healthcare Industry Press Releases *Source: Study released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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American Traveler mobile site makes nursing job search easy and fast. mobile nursing job search If you are doing a RN job search on your mobile phone, just go to Google and type "travel nurse jobs." When you see American Traveler come up, click on the link and you will be taken to our mobile site at . Or, you can just add the American Traveler mobile site to your mobile favorites and make it even easier to find the latest travel nurse jobs or allied jobs; while you are at work or on the go. Search for jobs anywhere in the country and apply for allied jobs or nursing jobs immediately. Plus, you can find other important resources and quickly contact us.

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This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Nurse jobs at American Traveler in high demand BOCA RATON, FL (PRWeb), Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:30:01 EST - Just about everyone in America rubs elbows with healthcare. And now with federal healthcare reforms aimed at granting millions of Americans improved access to quality care, American Traveler healthcare employers from hospitals to home health are on the hunt, once again, for skilled RNs. Good news for nurses looking for RN jobs and even better news for Registered Nurses looking to connect with travel nursing jobs. Raed the entire Healthcare Jobs on the Rise Press Release [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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nurse staffing studyAmerican Traveler Staffing Professionals confirms results of a recently published nurse staffing study on how hospital labor costs can be curbed by staffing with travel nurses. Productivity costs and time-to-fill rates associated with hiring full time RN's are making the quality and immediate access of travel nurses attractive to hospitals. Facilities surveyed by professional services firm KPMG reported an average 12 percent increase in nurse staffing costs in 2010, with the trend expected to continue. Many healthcare employers are planning to increase the use of supplemental labor as a means of filling critical RN jobs with travel nurses, boosting nurse quality and reducing nurse staffing costs. Hospitals report the rapid hire rates of travel nurses can trim overall labor costs and save organizations time. The hiring trend for travel nurse jobs remains positive, with more growth expected. [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Apply Early for Your State Nursing License and Get the Job You Want Most travel nursing careerIt’s commonplace now for healthcare employers to insist that registered nurses have their state nursing license already in hand before they’re interviewed. Experienced RNs looking for a top tier travel nursing agency turn to American Traveler for the highest paying travel nursing jobs . Our career resources help you meet nursing license requirements unique to individual state nursing boards, pursue nursing certifications and higher salaries, and so much more that gets your year off to an ideal start—all you need to do is get organized and let our Consultants help with the rest! A Word from VP of Recruiting on How It Pays to Be Prepared Travel nurse jobs are surefire way to earn great pay and benefits, like free private housing, that will see qualified registered nurses through a prosperous and well-planned 2011. "Health Professionals should look at their staffing agency as carefully as their financial planners; like them, experienced consultants plan for your best possible future, helping travel nurses and therapists establish a plan that works for jobs and job locations throughout the calendar year." says Mary Kay Hull, Vice [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has good news for America’s unemployed healthcare workers. Of the 19,200 jobs add to employment rosters in November, 8,000 were hospital jobs and 7,400 were reported in ambulatory care settings. Nursing and residential healthcare jobs increased by 3,800. health care jobs riseStarting in October, leading travel nurse agency, American Traveler, saw a spike in monthly nurse job postings and allied health positions, indicating an uptick in client side demand, said a company official, bringing to an end the worst two years in healthcare employment in over a decade. Of the Bureau’s published list of 30 occupations projected to have the most job growth through 2018, registered nurses, therapists and physicians rise to the top, along with home health aides, personal care attendants and nurses aides. Though the increase in healthcare jobs promises to put thousands of caregivers back to work, job seekers face extreme competition, as nurses and therapists laid off during the recession look to get their jobs back. American Traveler has staffed over 75% of the USA's best hospitals as rated by US News & World Report. Want to learn more about available nursing jobs and therapist positions at American Traveler? [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Are nursing jobs and allied health jobs really on the rise? Economic think tank, The Conference Board, seems to think so. A global provider of business insights, The Conference Board, reported in October that almost 27,000 jobs were added to online healthcare job boards. Remarkable news in light of an economic downturn that sent the U.S. economy spiraling into oblivion and unemployment soaring into the clouds. healthcare jobs riseAnalysts at American Traveler relied on their own numbers to confirm conference board findings and guess what? Client side demand at the agency is up more than 50 percent, which means nursing jobs - and jobs for physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied health jobs – are indeed on the rise. But qualified candidates beware! The competition is rigorous, as many healthcare jobs professionals who were laid off due to economic woes will be looking for their jobs back, and many of them are ultra-qualified and immediately hirable. What’s a healthcare jobs seeker to do? Call a qualified agency, says American Traveler recruitment VP Mary Kay Hull, as high-level agencies are positioned well with top hospitals and outpatients centers to immediately deliver qualified healthcare jobs candidates [+]


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American Traveler continues its dedication to making its web site the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource possible for clients in the health care industry. New features were added to the Hot Jobs page including hourly updates on the latest health care jobs  and a Healthcare Jobs RSS feed for instant access to all the best nursing jobs and physical therapy jobs. American Traveler also reached out into the social media networks with an active presence and interaction in  Facebook and Twitter communities, which are both growing daily with new healthcare job seekers fans and followers. More details about these enhanced features are available in the latest American Traveler press release.  Read entire American Traveler Healthcare Job Search Press Release.

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You’ve probably noticed that the American Traveler Web site has a brighter look and more features for the travel nurse. And the feedback has beennew American Traveler  travel nurse website very enthusiastic! Clients find it visually appealing, more informative and easy to use. One nurse commented: “The career-resource site has long been bookmarked in my favorites; but now the expanded information and choices are even better!” Another said, succinctly: “I like the snazzy new site.” Users seem to especially appreciate the new and improved features -- such as this blog section, our traveling nurse career-resources page, the Hot Jobs list, and the social-media links (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). More details about the changes are available in our press release, “American Traveler Revamps Web Site to Better Serve the Travel Nurse Community.” Click here to read the entire Press Release. [+]