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New and seasoned travel nurses will love this infographic with key preparation tips to master travel nurse job's phone interview questions. This infographic will help nurses brush up on phone nursing job interview tips that are effective to help with confidence, flexibility, and a positive demeanor during the phone interview process. In addition to the 10 nursing interview tips, the infographic explains: First and foremost, keep your cell phone by your side at all times and answer it every time it rings. Should you miss the initial travel nurse job call, then call back immediately and leave a message expressing your sincere interest in the specific travel nurse job that you have been submitted for by your agency. If you're asked to call the hospital by your consultant, do so right away. The first qualified candidate to make the connection will most likely be considered for the travel nursing job.

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This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Here are 7 Common Stains, Each with a Foolproof Solution Working with patients in a clinical setting or rehab hospital isn’t always the spotless and antiseptic experience we, as health professionals, would like; however, there are methods beyond the “stain stick” that can get your scrubs back into crisp, pristine shape. Here are seven stains that virtually all nurses and some therapists encounter on a daily basis, and foolproof ways to deal with them. Blood Stains: You’ll need an advanced protein stain remover, and that means hydrogen peroxide; work a cap-full and some water into the stain, rinsing scrubs thoroughly before you lay them out to dry. After that, dirty scrubs solutionssimply toss the scrubs in with the rest of your laundry—that should do the trick! Sweat Stains: A health professional’s job can be demanding. Sweat happens! To deal with yellow and/or sugar-based stains, use vinegar and water. If rinsing scrubs out with vinegar isn’t yielding quite the results you’d hoped for, add a bit of rubbing salt. Let the scrubs dry before throwing them into the wash. Pee Stains: These common stains call for their own spray bottle of hand mixed solution. Put in approximately 2/3 cup [+]


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It’s Hurricane Season, June 1st—November 30th! Here’s What You Can Do to Prepare For many healthcare professionals in nursing and therapy jobs across the United States, hurricane season registers as a far-away news story; however, for those living near the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes and tropical storms pose a very real threat—especially as Hurricane Season gets underway. National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 26 through June 1st, is a good time to take stock of emergency resources in your home and community. These are a few guidelines for setting up an emergency plan. Build up Your Water Supply: A gallon of water per person, per day is recommended. Having a 2 week supply of bottled water on hand is highly recommended. In preparation for a serious storm, it’s a good idea to cleanhurricane season tips and fill your bath tub, in case a power loss cuts water off. You can use the water to wash up, as well as flush toilets. Make Sure you Have Plenty of Food and a Can Opener: A supply of non-perishable food that could get a family through at least 5 days is recommended. Consider canned nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, soft [+]


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Learn about what to do in your travel nurse assignment city Travel nurses get to experience new places and different hospitals, which can definitely be exciting. Another great thing about travel nursing is the new scenery and finding out what the assignment city has to offer. A great way to begin to explore is to utilize Online Resources. Travel nursing is an exciting journey, and there is always something to look forward to. Visit this information packed online nurse career resource to get all career related links that you need for your next travel nursing job. In addition, you can discover great restaurants, entertainment and meeting new people in your city by consulting these additional online resources: Yelp is a great website that is based on user submitted reviews.  There are reviews on restaurants, salons, museums, gyms, and more.  The best part about these reviews is that they aredive into travel nursing submitted by people that have already been to that place.  A best rule of thumb about Yelp is to read these reviews with an open mind because everyone has a different experience. The website Meetup is a place where you can meet other [+]


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American Traveler recommends that traveling nurses have their vehicles inspected for safety and proper working order in preparation for winter. Follow these 5 easy-to remcar inspection tips for travel nursesember tips to ensure your vehicle starts in winter and gets you to travel nursing jobs safely. Though bringing your car, truck or SUV to a certified mechanic may cost you a few bucks, the life you may save in the process is priceless. Have your brakes checked. Have this done by a certified mechanic. If you’re new to a traveling nurse job then find one by asking fellow nurses or by searching the Internet for a nearby franchise that guarantees their work. Check your tires for tread. Too little or no tread on your tires is dangerous and increases the chances of sliding on ice and hydroplaning in the rain. Remember to check tire pressure regularly (spare tire too!) all year. Request an engine diagnostic. This will ensure your motor is running on all cylinders and will start when temperatures drop. Ask to have heaters, defrosters and cold weather electronics inspected for working order. Pack a motorist safety kit. No traveling nurses leaves home or work planning to breakdown [+]


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The start of holiday shopping is over a week away, and many travel nurses will likely have to ship gifts and send cards to their loved ones.  We all know the postholiday gift shipping tips office is a busy place during the holidays, so it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared before making the trip there.  After all, travel nursing can keep you busy enough as it is! Tips for Boxes and Envelopes It’s a good idea to start gathering boxes and envelopes for gifts that will be secure and hold gifts without any issue.  The post office provides boxes for Priority mail for free, and has flat rates, so no matter how heavy the package is, it will ship for a set price.  It’s important to know that there are deadlines for sending packages using these flat rate boxes and envelopes too.  It is important to know the deadlines for sending packages, especially internationally, since it usually will take more time to get to the intended destination.  Whether you have a travel nursing job in New York or Arizona, it’s better to send sooner rather than later. See USPS Locator Track your boxes this holiday [+]


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Autumn leaves have fallen and in some parts of the country winter is seemingly in full force. Snow and ice have begun pummeling parts of the northeast and Midwest and blizzards in the Mountain States have left motorists stranded. While some traveling nurses are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of nurse jobs when bad weather hits, others rely on public transportation and driving. For those who drive to your nursing jobs, American Traveler has some sound motorist advice.  This goes for travel nurses experiencing bad driving conditions now, and for registered nurses traveling to cold weather states who need to prepare for dangerous roads ahead this winter. For travel nurses who ride the bus, subway or train, it’s important to keep transportation websites, hot links and apps bookmarked in your mobile devices. Most cities offer cyber amenities to riders which are invaluable in finding out if your ride is running late or not showing up at all. NURSE JOBS REMINDER:  Bad weather means more drive time to traveling nurse jobs, so leave early and arrive on time. Be the registered nurse who supervisors say always shows up no matter what. TOP 10 DRIVING TIPS for Traveling Nurses in Rain, Snow and Ice Conduct [+]


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October 29-30, 2012: Hurricane Sandy Update. We want to help you be safe and prepared during your travel nursing jobs. As you know, the East Coast is currently bracing for the full impact of Hurricane Sandy. Forecasters are predicting that the hurricane will have a major effect on coastal areas and large cities from the Carolinas to Maine. Regional authorities are concerned about flooding and power outages. Airline and train travel has been suspended in several areas. Whether you're currently on a travel nurse job or not, we urge you to follow all local news reports to find out what's happening in your area. As South Florida locals, we know that preparation and common sense advice can make a severe weather situation more manageable. (We also know that you shouldn't hesitate to follow the advice of local authorities. If for some reason authorities recommend evacuation in your area, please do so.) As always, if you are experiencing any nursing jobs-related  issues, please call the American Traveler hotline 800-884-8788. We will be on standby 24 hours a day. Emergency calls will be routed to the appropriate contact, and someone will get back to you ASAP. Advice [+]


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Today's post comes from Cheryl, a Travel PT from American Traveler. Thanks Cheryl! When I was a new grad from PT school, I remember learning about travel therapy.  Because I was not fond of change, the thought of starting a newTravel Physical Therapist - Cheryl R. job every three months did not sound appealing to me, but rather intimidating.  Now, having been a traveler for the past eight years, I can’t think of my life any other way.  I love the people I get to meet and the new places I get to see. I learn new customs in my very own country because each area has its own little twist on life. (For example, I “might could” eat BBQ every day of my life in Texas if I had a fixin’ to do so!)  But what I love the most about travel is that it allows me to live a very unique life. Fifteen years ago I stumbled upon a little country called Ecuador in South America when I signed up as a volunteer physical therapist for two weeks. I fell head over heels in love with this special place. Some years later, I purchased [+]


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Because Social Media is a relatively new phenomenon, Social Media outlets, career websites and employers have just begun tracking its performance. Though measurable statistics are still hard to come by, American Traveler has found that healthcare employers are increasingly logging on to nurses’ Social Media sites in search of qualified candidates to fill nurse media and facebook use for nurses By enrolling in the FREE CEU course offered by American Traveler entitled Social Networking; Putting Your Best Post Forward, you’ll learn how to make Social Media work in your favor. In the meantime, take a moment to see what might help get you hired in the Social Media stratosphere. 1. Qualifications When compiling online Profiles, it’s beneficial to list certifications, specialties, professional development, education and commendations. Include specific medical technologies you’ve been trained on and computerized patient care software you’re familiar with. 2. Creative Content This might include links to bona fide online resources (i.e. journal articles of interest, trade association websites, legislation, regulations, etc.) on your Facebook page; research projects, surveys and PDFs or links where you have been published. This is especially valuable for active nurse bloggers looking to boost credibility as a [+]