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Registered Nurses are on the front line of preventing more than just the flu by encouraging timely vaccinations. Diseases like pertussis, meningococcal, an HPV infection, and many more are completely avoidable with access to vaccines. Educating patients on the where, how and why of getting vaccinated is a task in which RNs are trained to excel. An issue of **Annals of Family Medicine (November/December 2012) reported RNs to be more effective at administering vaccinations than any other healthcare professional! These tips help emphasize that personal contact between nurses and patients is key in immunization interventions. #1: Talk to friends and family members about how vaccines aren’t just for kids. Immunity fades over time, so keeping your vaccines up to date as an adult is critical. RNs can get an idea of how to counsel patients of every age about vaccines by referring to The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ calendar schedule. #2: Learn more about “Bringing Immunity to Every Community”; it’s a partnership between the American Nurses Association and the CDC, and aims to maximize the RN’s role in increasing vaccination rates. #3: Own a Copy of Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Known as “The Pink Book”, it’s offered by the CDC and [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Flu Shot Clinic at American Traveler Corporate office On September 25th, The American Traveler corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida invited members of our team to get vaccinated and stay healthy during the 2014/2015 flu season. A great success last year, this fall season proved no different as the Open Flu Shot Clinic got underway with two pharmacists from CVS. In collaboration with our travel nurses and entire healthcare team, we are proud to raise awareness about the kinds of corporate and community service that allow us to “do our part” in reducing the spread of the flu during influenza season. As Beth Beam, Business Development Manager pictured here says: "Our office works very close together to support each other in everything we do, and I promised to hold Nancy’s (from Account Management) hand while she got her flu shot." Like a lot of people, Nancy doesn’t care for needles, but like everyone the world over she’d rather not have the flu! Make sure to protect yourself and get vaccinated! [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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RN with patient getting the flu shot vaccine RNs know that prevention and control of seasonal influenza is contingent on getting vaccinated; therefore, those working in nursing jobs throughout the United States hope to educate the demographic with the lowest vaccination numbers last year. Not surprisingly, RNs are not included in that demographic. According to the CDC’s updated research for the 2014/2015 Flu Season, the highest number of those who sought flu shots last year were pharmacists and nurses, with RNs being recorded at **84.3%. And it is no surprise, as healthcare facilities everywhere have stringent requirements. Mary Kay Hull, Vice President of Recruitment at American Traveler Staffing Professionals shares: All of the facilities we staff have flu vaccination requirements for the traveling nurses and healthcare professionals we place in our client hospitals. 6 Compelling Reasons Why RNs Should Help Raise Awareness These are compelling reasons from the CDC’s updated **2014/2015 Flu Season page to get vaccinated: Reason#1: The flu shot can reduce chances of transmission by between 50% and 70%. Reason #2: Flu shots affect quality! **The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has published flu vaccination rates for healthcare workers as part of its list of quality measures. Reason [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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A Move that Informed Healthcare Professionals Can Fully Support Recently, CVS Caremark, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, attracted major media attention in their announcement to end the sale of tobacco products, starting in the fall. A statement released by the company President and CEO, Larry J. Merlo are strong words that every doctor and registered nurse can get behind, as they see the negative effects of smoking in patients treated everyday: “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS pharmacy is the right thing to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health. Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.” nurse against tobacco products Mr. Merlo’s statement is reflected in nationwide legislative efforts to stop hiring smokers in a growing number of U.S. hospitals. RNs in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas, will recognize their healthcare employers as nicotine-free, thanks to Senate Bill 97, introduced in early 2013. More states are following in smoke-free hospitals’ footsteps, in the hope that banning healthcare workers’ use of tobacco products (both in and outside the hospital) will promote healthy careers, improve worker [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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flu shot clinicEvery year corporate team members diligently remind healthcare professionals about the benefits of an annual flu vaccine.  This is why, in solidarity with our traveling nurses and allied healthcare professionals, and in support of our employees’ health, we made it extra easy for corporate employees to get a flu shot this year. We did this by sponsoring an on-site flu clinic at our corporate headquarters in Florida. It was the first event of its kind, and so well received that we plan to make it an annual affair! Our thanks go out to our corporate employees, who rolled up their sleeves so willingly.  A visiting CVS pharmacist and technician helped everything run smoothly—no surprise, there, as CVS is well known for providing flu shots at a low cost. As everyone knows, getting more people vaccinated is a goal of the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; they would like to see more healthcare workers outside the nursing sector follow the R.N.s’ example when it comes to getting vaccinated.  Click on Vaccine Information Statement to find out everything you need to know to protect your health this flu season. American Traveler Wants You [+]