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Facts about Kristin:

Working at American Traveler for ten “wonderful” years, Consultant Kristin Zandee finds all the best jobs in all the right places.

Kristin has a new baby boy, Luke.  Also, she was the 2009 recruiter of the year.

A self-proclaimed “outdoor junkie” and “still a big kid,” the Long Island native says every travel nurse destination has vacation potential. “It’s important to have fun while on assignment and explore as much as possible.”

She enjoys just about everything outdoors. Having fun is a priority for the staffing expert and hiking, biking, and running with husband Tory keeps her at the top of her game. He’s a tennis pro who coaches teens and is “the best guy in the world,” said Kristin.

Our nurses find Kristin funny, dynamic, and professional, and report that she’s one of the best recruiters they’ve ever had.







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