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Read all about the best U.S. States for occupational therapists Today is Friday the 13th, as good a time as any to plan your next career move. Fortunately, for occupational therapists, the career outlook couldn't look any better; that’s why recruiting experts have narrowed the infinite possibilities by focusing on the Top 13 best places to work in occupational therapy. If you’re looking to find top benefits that include free private housing in one of these great cities, today might be your lucky day! The Top 13 Places to Get Occupational Therapy Jobs in the USA The following details on top states for occupational therapists make for great selling points—states made the list for their abundance in OT jobs, amazing healthcare facilities and top pay! • California occupational therapy jobs couldn't be any more golden! Come leave your heart in San Francisco, or work in therapy jobs throughout exciting Southern Cal. • Colorado occupational therapy jobs are close to miles of white powder to ski on, or toast with hot chocolate from your ski chalet. There’s also great food and drink to be had in the mile high city of Denver! • Iowa occupational therapy jobs, is a foray into [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Details on the American Traveler Spring Appreciation Party Wednesday, March 14th was no ordinary hump day for American Traveler. It just happened to be the date of our annual appreciation party for R.N.s and corporate staff. Travel nurses enjoy a Florida spring appreciation party, and it was our pleasure to see the return of wonderful stories about the travel nurse lifestyle and other rewards found along the nursing career path. Our guests came together in Boynton Beach, where good food and camaraderie passed the night. We hope you’ll enjoy a few of the photographs saved from this event, where door prizes and goody bags were on the menu too. From left to right, on first picture travel RN (left) & Joyce Streem (right), Senior Consultant; second picture Brandy Kapke (left), Assignment Advisor with Antoinette McCrary, R.N. (right); third picture  Dorothy Maloney, R.N. (left) and Amy Roll, (right) Consultant.

Vice President of Recruitment, Mary Kay Hull who also enjoyed the party, remarked that the guests she spoke with are truly amazing people. Case in point, Antoinette McCrary, R.N.—as young looking as she [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Learn different ways to promote awareness during National Occupational Therapy Month Occupational Therapy MonthOccupational therapists deserve a national month of recognition—that’s why the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) established April as the time to spread the word about OTs and the good they do for patients of all ages, coping with debilitating injury or illness. Thanks to them more people are living their lives to the fullest! Patients aren’t alone in benefiting from rehab therapy; those who give it do as well, including OTs in travel occupational therapists jobs. The idea of “living life to its fullest” is embodied in the travel therapist lifestyle. They grow their careers by working in diverse clinical settings and earn, where applicable, a generous bonus that helps them make the most of new assignments—see for yourself by checking your eligibility with one of our consultants, or let a qualified friend know about American Traveler’s referral program. Scenes from the Travel Therapist Lifestyle Are About Living Life To Its Fullest! Imagine waking up with a view of Mount Rainier during a stint in Washington therapy jobs, dining on four star cuisine because of Texas therapist jobs, or exploring California’s beaches during your [+]