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As promised, here is the information about 2009 top 10 locations for travel nurses and some popular specialties in a few locations. Even is this tough economy, experienced nurses have the option to travel to beautiful parts of the country, make new friends, and even pick up new skills at a new hospital; also, apply your own nursing skills and help a new community.

So, who should try travel nursing?

Travel nursing is the perfect opportunity for nurses looking to explore the country while earning a higher nursing salary and strong benefits. Travel nurse jobs generally last for 13 weeks, during which travel nurses receive free private housing, free health, life, and dental insurance, licensure reimbursement, free continuing education classes, and tax advantages, all while earning up to twice as much as someone in a permanent nursing position.

Beyond the financial benefits, travel nurses are given a lot of flexibility in their positions. As a travel nurse, you can choose your own start dates and can include vacation time in your contracts. Plus, travel nurses work in some of the best hospitals across the United States. Whether you want to work in a big city or a rural town, there is a travel nursing job that’s right for you.

Top 10 Travel Nurse Locations for 2009

  1. Reno, Nevada – Reno is Nevada’s “Biggest Little City” and is rated among the best 100 places to live and launch a career; more information about Reno on  CNNMoney.com. This fast growing valley city offers nurses superb quality of life and a temperate climate featuring four distinct seasons with few extremes. Aside from being a world-famous gaming capital you can also find plentiful shopping, inexpensive buffets, great shows and non-stop fun! Learn more about travel nurse jobs in Reno
  2. Greenville, North Carolina- North Carolina nursing jobs are in some of the fastest growing cities in the nation, internationally known for state-of-the-art healthcare and advanced medical research at Triangle Park and Duke University Medical Center. In addition, outdoor lifestyle is amazing! With 200 waterfalls located throughout the state, including the 411-foot-high, two-tiered Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County, North Carolina is a land of rolling hills and beautiful mountaintops. Learn more about travel nurse jobs in North Carolina
  3. Boynton Beach, Florida – Boynton Beach is part of West Palm Beach County, in Florida. This location offers world-class warm sandy beaches, steamy nightlife, trendy shopping and Florida stone crab and lobster! Travel nurse jobs in Boynton Beach tap into your sense of carefree living inspired by friendly locals who savor paradise and enjoy life casually. Learn more about travel nurse jobs in Florida
  4. Santa Clara, California – Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley and is home to the headquarters of many high-tech companies. In addition, California jobs have it all – gorgeous beaches and Surf City to the south; wine country and winter snow-capped mountains to the north. Learn more about California nursing jobs
  5. Tyler, Texas – Nurse jobs in Texas will take you to the nation’s second largest state and home to three of the country’s largest cities: Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. While music and art lovers engage the galleries, nightlife and big performance venues of Austin and San Antonio, shopaholics head for high-end malls and vintage districts in Dallas, recognized by USA Today as “One of the top 10 places to spend it all.” Learn more about nurse jobs ion Texas
  6. Oakland, California – Oakland is working-class Bay Area city with a temperate Mediterranean climate and spectacular redwood hills for hiking and camping. The Raiders, Warriors and Athletics provide enough professional sports action for nurses in California and Grand Avenue, with everything from local produce, art and music to odd lots and chili dogs, caters to the hip UC Berkeley crowd. Oakland is minutes from San Francisco and a short few hours from Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and wine country; all great weekend get-away. Learn more about nursing jobs in Oakland
  7. Bridgeport, Connecticut – Bridgeport is down the road from New Haven’s Yale Campus and about an hour by train to New York City. Bridgeport runs along the Interstate 95 corridor, granting easy access to Stamford, Darien and Greenwich, wealthy sister cities where great dining, galleries and jazz clubs fill the bill. Learn more about Bridgeport life and nurse jobs
  8. Fairfax, Virginia – Nurses in Virginia enjoy days and weekends on the beach and road trips to Washington D.C. for high-end shopping, libraries and social networking. Learn more about Virginia nursing jobs
  9. Los Angeles, California – Travel nurse jobs in LA show you coastal beauty and cool city culture! Venice Beach is a must with its boardwalk of cool characters, unique boutiques and eateries while Culver City, hot with hip coffee shops, wine bars and emerging galleries and artists, is unique to the Los Angeles travel nursing experience. More about Los Angeles nurse jobs and lifestyle
  10. Bronx, New York – Travel nurses enjoy New York because it literally has everything they want in terms of outdoor recreation and indoor entertainment – trendy SOHO living, galleries, nightclubbing, dining and shopping in NYC, or camping, canoeing and conquering the rugged, vast terrain of the Catskills and Adirondack Mountains upstate. Learn more about nurse jobs in New York

More Popular Nurse Specialties in 2009

In 2009, particular specialties were also in higher demand, specifically critical care travel nurses in Reno, Greenville, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Redwood City, California. In addition, medical/surgical travel nurses in Reno, Greenville, Boynton Beach, Bronx, and Syracuse, New York.

Missing from this list are 2008 travel nurse favorite locations such as Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista, Arizona. If you a travel nurse you might know that Arizona has typically been one of the top three travel nursing states (along with California and Florida), but with the current economic climate, Arizona has had to cut back on its use of travel nurses. According to American Traveler Director of Hospital Marketing, Dennis Urbanski, the downward spiraling economy has led to a reduction in patient revenue and an increase in non-insured patients, causing hospitals in Tucson and Phoenix to offset costs by relying on their core staff rather than on contingent labor, like travel nurses.

As the troubling economy continues, however, travel nurses remain in demand in other states around the county. For more information about travel nursing jobs, visit American Traveler and check back on this blog for our next post about 2010 Top Travel Nursing Job Locations and more. Our expert consultants will help you find the perfect travel nursing jobs to meet your current and future needs.

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