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Volume 40 | March 2009
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Travel Nursing Jobs Help You Live Where You Work and Play

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Survey Results
We asked: What's your top wish for 2009?
40% of you wished for an improved economy
26% wished for world peace
26% wished for a winning lottery ticket
And the rest of you wished for things like better pay, more family time, a greener environment, and —naturally— rewarding travel jobs with American Traveler.

What's one of the top stress factors in our lives today? The time crunch! What with work, errands, family, friends, trying to stay healthy, keeping up with current events, walking the dog and just answering email ... we just can't fit it all in. Then when you factor in the amount of time that we lose when we drive around town to get half of these things done, forget about it!

Many studies have shown that when we live within an easy commute of our work, and where entertainment and relaxation opportunities are walkable, bikeable or easily driveable, our stress levels drop, and life improves dramatically. All of a sudden, there's more time to get things done, the things we really want to do.

Travel nursing jobs are a great way to accomplish that goal. Your travel nurse housing will be within an easy commute of your assignment. Many apartment complexes offer on-site fitness facilities, hiking trails and community centers that put fitness and socializing at your front door. And in many cases you can choose a travel job that will put you within a stone's throw of the things you most want to do, but rarely seem to find time for.

Love to shop? Many travel nursing jobs in urban and suburban locations are within walking distance of popular housing facilities. Do you long to lounge on the sandy shore? Travel nurse jobs in Florida and California can put you in walking distance of the beach of your dreams. This place in Santa Barbara CA is a beachside gem. Like to eat out at colorful restaurants and browse the gallery scene? Quirky resort towns put dining and cultural opportunities in easy reach. These apartments in Milford CT have small town resort life in New England all wrapped up.

For more on some of our best situated travel nurse housing, click here »

See your new travel job assignment - virtually

Google Maps and Google Earth can give you a sneak preview of your new location.

travel nursing agency headquarters
American Traveler's Headquarters
as seen by Google Street View

Ok, so you've got an exciting new travel nurse job, and you know where it's located — on paper anyway — but you haven't seen it yet. And you sure would like to get a visual feel for the place and what's nearby. Maybe you'd like to try Google Maps with the 'Street View' feature. 'Street Views' are available in many major US cities, from Fairbanks, Alaska to Miami, Florida. A 'Street View' allows you to take a "virtual" walk around your new neighborhood, strolling through Google's 360 degree photos. You can also rely on the search engine to provide helpful information on nearby restaurants, pharmacies, markets and other local businesses.

Google maps is also available in a mobile phone application, so you can figure out where you're going even when you're on the road.

Or check out your new location from space:

Google Earth is another feature provided by the ubiquitous search engine. This one relies on satellite imagery of — you guessed it — just about everywhere on planet Earth. Download the Google Earth application to your computer, type in your desired location and see how it looks from satellite view, in other words, from outer space. Now comes the amazing part: you can zoom in to street level. You'll see parked cars, people walking dogs, boats in the ocean. It's a static photo, and may have been taken a while ago; you should see the date posted on the site, but Google Earth images will definitely give you a sense of the layout (streetwise) of your new town, as well as a feel for the neighborhood, traffic, nature, parks and commercial areas.

Just another way for you to feel more comfortable about getting where you're going before your land in your next travel nursing or travel therapy job ... and enjoy the view from space!

See if your can find your location by going to Google and searching for "Google Street Views."  … or search for "Google Earth" and download application.

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