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Dec 2008 Traveler Times

A New Year, a New World of Possibilities

New friends, fun places, extraordinary travel nurse benefits

Although only a percentage of America’s nurses and therapists are engaged in a travel career, newcomers every year take up the unique and rewarding travel nurse lifestyle for high pay, career advancement, and great travel nurse benefits.

As the New Year approaches, it's a great opportunity to and ask yourself if your lifestyle is delivering everything you want. Is your career moving forward, are you meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things? Is your appetite for adventure being satisfied?

“The world is just too large to stay in one place,” said RN, Mindy, on the way to her first travel nurse assignment in Phoenix. The 26-year-old healthcare professional from Connecticut decided to become a travel nurse to instill positive life change and fulfill an inner drive to help others. “I love meeting and caring for people,” she said. “Besides, nurse travel is exhilarating and life-altering. It’s something I just NEED to do.”

Great pay and benefits come with most travel jobs, said Occupational Therapist, Mike, but there’s more to a travel position with American Traveler. Mike was a bit anxious before he started his first travel therapy job with us, but his consultant made sure that all his unknowns became 'knowns'. "To be honest, I felt like I was asking too many questions, but my consultant assured me that answering questions was the most important part of her job."

Sign up for travel nurse jobs now and receive free private housing, group health insurance, travel reimbursements, bonuses and more. We'll do everything we can to make travel nursing with our company lucrative and enjoyable. Whether you’re driving an SUV or travel nurse hybrid, let American Traveler leave you with more disposable income for dining out, gifts, entertainment, travel nurse excursions and your 401(k).

Travel Nursing - A Choice Profession Even in a Recession

Travel nursing is consider one of the top careers with earning potential of $70,000+ per year

In these tough economic times we're all looking for ways to survive (and maybe even thrive) in the shrinking job market. Yahoo Education recently delivered some good news for those in the travel nursing field. Travel nursing is one of their top picks for careers that pay over $70K per year — not to mention providing a dynamic lifestyle and opportunities for career growth. Along with college professors, interior decorators, and software designers, travel nurses earn high pay and enjoy flexible schedules — and industry experts predict growing demand for skilled travel nurses and travel therapists well into the next decade.

An excerpt from the Yahoo article:

... Nurses can work long hours. But travel nurses work long hours with scheduled time off between assignments if they want. You can arrange for short-time postings to great locations, or long-term positions once you find a niche ... Jobs for registered nurses are expected to continue to boom, rising by 23 percent through 2016. The top 50 percent of working registered nurses earned between $73,170 and $87,310 in 2007. And travel nurses can receive compensation for relocation and housing.

Watch our video interview with a career travel nurse ...