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Feb 2008 Traveler Times

Travel Nursing Demands Shift to Pacific Northwest

New markets emerge with superior pay and benefits at American Traveler

The travel nurse boom in Florida, Arizona and other warm weather states is over for now, report client hospitals in the Sunbelt. Nursing positions are adequately staffed for the season say administrators and successful retention programs have eased the need for travelers.

Make New Friends! "Midseason demand in these areas has fallen off," said Deb Bacurin, clinical resource manager for American Traveler.

"Jobs are in the north now and traveling nurses have begun to converge on a variety of fun and interesting cities such as Seattle, Vacaville and Puyallup."

Earn Top Dollar!Bacurin noted a 32 percent increase in travel nurse postings in states such as Washington, Oregon and others in the Midwest. She's encouraging travelers to take advantage of high paying positions and to be open-minded with regard to location. Although warmer climates are what often lure new travelers to the industry, the primary motivation for both new and seasoned professionals alike is to work year-round and earn top dollar .

"Location is certainly high up on the list of needs," said Bacurin, "but money, benefits and a flexible schedule is what really attract traveling nurses to the business."

Economists at the Office of Financial Management say that Oregon and Washington State economies continue to outperform others in the nation. Net migration and jobs are on the rise and healthcare markets are exhibiting signs of long-term growth.

"The lifestyle opportunity in these areas is immense and the potential for career satisfaction incredible," said Bacurin. "Destinations listed here will surely bring traveling nurses pleasure, excitement and quality of life."

American Traveler is currently staffing top-ranked hospitals across the northern U.S. and has doubled the referral bonus to $1,000 for qualified candidates. Call American Traveler today at 800-884-8788 or apply online. Don't wait too long, high paying positions are limited and won’t last forever!

Love on Assignment - A Dream Come TrueAmanda and Vincent Engaged!

Fate took hold of Amanda upon returning to New Jersey for assignment. She hadn’t been home in a few years and was anxious to see family and friends. Amanda didn’t know Vincent, but met him by happenstance at a dinner party, where the two of them instantly hit it off and began eating from each other’s plates. A few weeks later, Vincent and Amanda set a date to go ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza and see the sights.

“It was like a dream come true. A horse drawn carriage with red velvet pulled to the curb and took me and Vincent around Central park,” she said.

An unsteady carriage caused Vincent to get down on both knees, but he got the job done. He asked Amanda to marry him and the rest is travel nurse history.

What Amanda loves most about travel nursing, she said, “is you never know what’s going to happen or where the wind will take you. You travel to places you’ve never been, see amazing things, meet great people, gain a variety of medical knowledge and even get married.”

“Most importantly, you learn so much about yourself, you become your own unique life experience.”

Are you ready for love on assignment? Make your dreams a reality.

Friends Make Great Travel Nurse Referrals!

Wine tastingsJane and Denise met while travel nursing in Oakland, California. As they spent more time together on breaks, their friendship began to flourish and soon they were attending wine tastings together, going on sightseeing jaunts and all-in-all having lots of fun. The two have been friends going on three years now and because Jane enjoys outstanding American Traveler client support and the wide range of travel nurse assignments offered by the agency, she felt comfortable referring Denise who is now travel nursing in Columbia, SC, her second assignment with American Traveler.

As the traveling nurse profession seems to keep bringing friends together again and again, both will soon be working as travel nurses on the west coast and are planning a get together this summer. And as promised by American Traveler, Jane got her $500 referral bonus!

“It is so exciting to have friends like Jane across the nation and to meet up again on future travel nurse assignments. Seeing the country, trying new things and making friends forever is what travel nursing is all about.”

Denise Burrows – American Traveler Travel Nurse

Refer a Friend and get a $500 Bonus just like Jane!