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Traveler Times Vol25 Traveler Times March 2007

Combine the Words "Dream Job" and "Travel Nursing" for Satisfaction and Career Stability

One of the most important requirements in a dream job is fun, according to a recent survey by and The Walt Disney Co. Reportedly, least important in a dream job was salary. But why not have it all? With a continuing nurse shortage, nurses, especially travel nurses, are in high demand, filling open positions across the nation. A traveling nurse career with American Traveler can render not only fun and daily adventure, but a salary and benefits package that often exceeds that of a stationary full-time nurse.


“Who wouldn’t love to choose their ideal position, work a flexible schedule, .earn top compensation and live in a
beautiful apartment for FREE, while enhancing their career…what a perfect nursing job!” said Mary Kay Hull, Vice President of Recruitment at American Traveler.
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Male Nurses Earn Up to 100 Percent More in Travel Nursing Jobs
04/ 13/ 2007
  Combine the Words “Dream Job” and “Travel Nursing” for Satisfaction and Career Stability
02/ 13/ 2007
  Aging Nurses Rejuvenated by Traveling Nurse Opportunities of American Traveler
11/ 08/ 2006
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Corporate News

Travel Nurse Retirement Benefits

--No more waiting says American Traveler CEO, Robert Bok. Travel nurses get retirement benefits right away!

American Traveler establishes a retirement nest egg for travel nurses as part of a happy, secure future with .the industry’s number one travel nurse company.

“Just one month after their hire date, travel nurses are fully enrolled in our company-matched 401(k) program ,” Bok said. “We know that travel nurses are concerned about retirement benefits, so we’ve adopted a program where travelers start to receive them immediately after hire,” said the CEO.

Although retirement benefits are offered by many travel nurse staffing companies, few provide the flexibility and level of contribution offered by American Traveler.


“The high-rate of success in healthcare in recent years has led to travel nurses looking for best practice comprehensive benefits and top pay,” said Bok, “The industry is more competitive than ever, and our program stands out among Gold Seal approved The Joint Commission Certified organizations.


American Traveler is ranked high among industry professionals and travel nurses, not only for its outstanding 401(k) contributions, but for above and beyond 24/7 client support, free private housing with amenities like swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers, and free education and health insurance to ensure personal and professional well-being and development.


“There’s no reason to travel with anyone else,” said VP of Recruitment, Mary Kay Hull.
“Do the math, travel nurses make out best with American Traveler.”


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Corporate News

.Sweet Baby James

American Traveler receptionist Andrea Poague and husband James celebrate life as James Olen Poague III entered this world healthy and happy on February 12, 2007. Great things lay ahead for the Poague family and one thing we know for sure…sweet baby James is beautiful!

.Two times the charm...

Anthony Bertorelli's second bambina, Sophia Marie, born on February 19, 2007; weight 7lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.  Anthony is a Hospital Marketing Representative at American Traveler, he loves fishing, and has the uncanny talent of repopulating the earth with beautiful bouncing baby girls..

Congratulations from all of us at American Traveler!

Traveler Times & Reflections



Lorna Rae Watts - RN Travel Nurse
Traveling Dartmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire.

.Heather Williams - RN Travel Nurse
Traveling Colorado

.Kristin Zandee

Senior Consultant

Working at American Traveler for ten "wonderful" years, Consultant Kristin Zandee finds all the best jobs in all the right places.    

“My goal is to exceed travel nurse expectations,” she said. “To go beyond high-pay and free private housing. To make travel nursing an adventure.”

A self-proclaimed “outdoor junkie” and “still a big kid,” the Long Island native says every travel nurse destination has vacation potential. “It’s important to have fun while travel nursing and explore as much as possible.”

She enjoys just about everything outdoors. Having fun is a priority for the staffing expert and hiking, biking, and running with husband Tory keeps her at the top of her game. He’s a tennis pro who coaches teens and is “the best guy in the world,” said Kristin.

.Kristin has mastered the fine art of matching candidates with the Ultimate Travel Nurse Job at American Traveler, where new settings and new sensations are all part of the travel nursing experience. She’s become great friends lately with an ER/CC RN who for her entire life had never left North Carolina.

“It was great to hear about all the places she’d never been, and the adventures and new things she did while traveling - see the Pacific for the first time, taste wine in Napa , the Grand Canyon, Vegas …”

Travel nurses keep coming back to American Traveler for outstanding client support and a work ethic second to none says Kristin. “It starts with the application process and never stops. The teamwork is truly amazing.”

It takes a very special person to do what nurses do everyday, says the recruiter. “And they should be treated special in return.”

Candidates find Kristin funny, dynamic, and professional, and report that she’s one of the best recruiters they’ve ever had. Call Kristin today at 800-884-8788 to find out more about travel nursing adventures at American Traveler.

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