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Love on Assignment

It's more than just great pay and benefits

Romance and travel nursing go hand in hand, say experts at
American Traveler. Travel nurses love adventure and love
exploring new things. They’re fast to make friends and enjoy
life’s little pleasures that come with the lifestyle.


But what about romantic love?

"Some find it on assignment," says VP of Recruitment Mary Kay Hull. Take for example American Traveler RN, Jennifer, who after only two weeks on a travel nurse assignment fell in love with new found friend Matt and got married just months later. "Though naturally it doesn’t always happen that way," says Hull.

.Travel nurses meet new people everyday. And although travel nurse companies aren’t in the business of dating or match-making, one could hardly ignore the soul-mate finding potential of travel nursing around the country. Meeting people face-to- face and sharing life stories over wine and cheese. Add to that a measure of fate that plays into travel nursing and finding one’s ‘true love’, the odds of which increase on every assignment.

“I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all,” said 28- year-old travel nurse, Mindy. “And I had been a traveling for two years without one. But along came 'Mr. Right' at an assignment in Seattle and now we’re happily married. Often times I think about why I chose the Seattle assignment even though the one in Wisconsin paid more.”



PT $42.75 - Colorado
TELE $42.75 - Florida
CC $36.00 - Hawaii
L&D $46.93 - California
M/S $37.25 - Nevada
CVICU $36.75 - Arizona

Anecdotal evidence in the travel nurse industry suggests that love and flirtation is closely associated with travel. Inhibitions are lowered in those who travel alone while the drive to find out more about one’s new surroundings results in many casual relationships.

Even couples who journey together have reported a heightened sense of closeness and friendship toward one another when exploring new places, tasting unique foods, or just watching the sunset. American Traveler, Susan and her husband, for instance, reported relaxing in the hot tub of their log cabin after hiking through the White Mountains of Arizona— romantic to say the least, the couple told American Traveler.

So it’s not just about free private housing, free health insurance, 401(k) and free education. Travel nursing can be about the chance of a lifetime to meet your soul-mate or rekindle a relationship you already have through traveling.

Read more about Maria and Daniel in the Valentines Edition of Traveler Times. She's a travel nurse, loves chocolate and is getting married to Danny in May!


Happy Valentines Day
From all of us at American Traveler!

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