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Travel Nursing Housing Tips


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Housing Tips for travel nurses


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Travel Nurse Housing Checklists

Traveling Nurse Housing tips


Important Information from Our Travel Nurse Housing Department

We provide RN’s and travel therapists with a high-quality experience in the free private housing they enjoy as part of an amazing benefits package. Your furnished apartment comes with upgrades and amenities, and is close to your travel nurse and therapy jobs, offering nearby dining, shopping and other cultural highlights. 

Most of our travel nurses tell us that the housing was one of the best parts of their assignment – after all, a big part of the adventure is moving into a new and different place, meeting your neighbors and exploring your surroundings. If you do find a housing issue that needs to be addressed, our experienced travel nurse agency is here to help you. This quick checklist is a surefire way to see that your housing experience goes smoothly.


Travel Nursing Housing Tip #1

. The Move-In Walk Through

Who’s one of your best friends on move-in day? Your digital camera.
If you document the condition of your rental apartment when you move in, it will be so much easier to have any necessary repairs made. Here’s a few ideas on what to snap and keep on file:

  • Ceilings and walls
  • Carpets
  • Built-in fixtures and appliances

Report any damage to the rental office as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to send 'before' and 'after' photos to Next, check that your utilities are in good working order:

  • Plumbing – Report any leaks to the rental office immediately
  • Electric – Check that it’s on – fyi, most rental facilities will happily replace any burnt out bulbs for you
  • Air Conditioning/Heat – Should be working well; report any malfunctioning units to the rental office as soon as you move in

Many rental facilities will ask you to review a move-in checklist and sign off on the condition of your unit. This is your moment, so don’t hesitate to document anything that you feel needs to be addressed.

Your private travel nurse housing will be furnished before you arrive. Check out your furnishings and alert your American Traveler housing coordinator if anything is missing or damaged. (Once again, take out that camera phone and snap the evidence!)


Travel Nursing Housing Tip #2

. Moving Out? Leave Your Apartment in the Same Condition as Move-in

Moving out is not always as much fun as moving in, especially if you’ve grown fond of your travel nurse housing community – as many travel nurses do. But there are a few things you can do to make sure the move-out goes well.

  • Kitchen: Remove all food from fridge and kitchen cabinets, clean off the counters, appliances, sink and microwave, sweep and mop the floor.
  • Living and Dining Area: Run the vacuum/ mop on the carpets / floors.
  • Bedroom and Bath:  Remove items from the medicine cabinet, wipe down drawers and cabinets; sweep and mop the floor.


Travel Nurse Housing Tip #3

. On Your Way Out, Don’t forget to….
  • Remove all trash from the residence.
  • Return your gym and mail keys to the rental office, your cable box, too (if applicable).
  • Collect your mail and place a forward mail order with the USPS to your permanent address.
  • Shut off lights and AC/heating

Most rental properties will also perform a move-out check to make sure that a tenant has left the unit in the same condition in which they moved in. Rare is the property manager who skips this step, so it is a good idea for you to also take some “move-out” photos to document the condition in which you left the apartment.


Travel Nurse Housing Tip #4

. Before You Move Out, Report "Identifiable Conditions"

Life happens. Make sure you communicate to your travel nurse agency’s housing department any damage (to the furniture or rental unit) that occurred during your tenancy.


Travel Nurse Housing Tip #5

. Keep the Lines of Communication Open with Your Travel Nurse Consultant

American Traveler is proud to offer our travel nurses and therapists a high quality experience, in both luxury private housing and throughout the duration of their assignment. It is important to us that members of our staff feel comfortable contacting their personal consultant anytime. If your questions and concerns need answering, or if our travelers simply wish to check in with their consultant, we look forward to serving you.